The Subaru 360 on TV and in the movies

As I come across them, I will post info on appearances the Subaru 360 has made on TV and in the movies. 
If you know of an appearance that does not appear here, please write me.

The Subaru 360 had a cameo appearance on "The Sopranos"!
Here is a video that features the Subaru 360 sedan, used in a short scene in season 2, episode 13. 
It seems Tony ate something that didn't agree with him and is having a bad dream...

Here are two commercials for the Subaru 360 Young SS (for Super Sport), in Japanese. 
Bet you didn't know the 360 was so glamorous!

Here is a promotional film that was designed to encourage car dealerships in the USA
to sell the Subaru 360 sedan, young, van and truck.

A Driver's Club member owns a van that spent a lot of time used as a prop for various movies and TV shows.
It was featured in an episode of "Malcolm in the Middle".  Here are the shots with the van.  Cool paint job!

Here is the Internet Movie Cars Database page of Subaru 360 appearances.

All of the videos above have been converted to user-friendly .wmv video files for downloading here and playing from your PC anytime.
  - Four commercials for USA audiences
  - A seven minute long promotional film for dealers in the USA
  - Here is the Subaru 360 clip from the Sopranos
  - Here are the scenes from the episode of "Malcolm in the Middle"

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