Photos of my Subaru 360 Young S
(and other 360s

In all cases, the photos here serve a few purposes.  They show off the hard work of Subaru 360 enthusiasts, present the 360 to those who at may not be familiar with Subaru's first vehicles, and for current owners that may be struggling to complete a restoration and have not physically seen a 360 other than theirs, show the vehicles from as many angles as possible, to simply show what they look like.

My 360:
Bringing the new 360 home
Here is my 360 as it is gone over in the summer of 2007
Restoration challenges

Other Club Member 360s:

If you are a member of the Subaru 360 Driver's Club and would like to add your car to this gallery,
please email me some photos and a description, and I will display them on a page here.

Click on a picture to see more:

Seen on Ebay:
From time to time a noteworthy 360 shows up on ebay:
If you recognize one of these, or are the new owner, please write me.

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Seen on

Of course, there are more Subaru 360s in Japan than anywhere else, and there is a nice market for well-kept examples.
See what's for sale right now on yahoo auctions in Japan.
This search will probably show only cars, as the minimum price to display is set to 100,000 yen, or over $1,000. 
To see accessories and other Subaru 360 stuff for sale, lower that number to 0.

Here are some nice past examples found for sale in on a picture to see more.

Seen around the web

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