April 27, 2012: A New Arrival!

The other day, Ed, the founder of the Subaru 360 Driver's Club, emailed me to let me know that he had learned of a sedan for sale, just 20 minutes from my home!  The seller had stored it for 18 years with the intention of getting it back on the road, but as is often the case, life gets in the way, and some projects go undone.  Fortunately it was stored in a climate-controlled location all this time.  Also, a prior owner is also a member of the Driver's Club, so it had been well cared for prior to it's storage. 
Bottom line: I got a great deal on a great car.

Here it is as I found it, waiting at a garage local to the seller:

ity bty the Subaru 360 sedan

Here are some shots of it after a day of compounding and polishing. 

It even has the elusive jack and jack handle!

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